Apr 13, 2015

Shop your favorite kitchen tool under one roof at iprice!

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Hi There.
 As a homecook / baker/ house manager, we should ensure our kitchen tools are in good shape and condition. Due to the inconvenience of going to the shopping outlets, we can easily shop online at iprice

What is iprice?
- It is a upcoming online shopping website which offers a great discount and promotions for online shoppers out there. 

How it works?
Sign up! Don't forget to sign up! You don't want to miss out on the current promotion and discount from iprice.

The above shows the favorite categorizes! Since we are homemakers, look up under Home Living Tab. From there we can find Kitchen & Dining Categories.

Click on Kitchen & Dining categories, and you may find numerous products from hub to stand mixer from various Brands. You can see on the left bar a sign saying 'BRAND'.

Put the cursor on your favorite product and iprice will show the Brand that is associated with. The product; once you click on it, it will direct you to the permalink.

Don't forget, you can also redeem your coupon first before purchase!

However, be patient if stuff that you liked to buy is no longer available, in promotion or the discount period is expired. Soon it will appear since iprice always update their latest and current promotion in their Facebook and Twitter

Don't forget to share, like and follow iprice  on Twitter and Facebook
Our fellow Home Baker or Homemaker will definitely love to have these promotions and discounts too.
 Happy Shopping.

Apr 6, 2015

Moist Banana Cake With Caramel Buttercream and Caramelized Banana Topping


Salam Guys..
Another baking project has been successfully done!!

the most renyah and lots of job to be done.
but alhamdulillah..
in the end.. its come out according what I want.

the  moist banana cake inside

 filling with caramel buttercream.

topping with Caramelized Banana and Caramel itself.


Mar 26, 2015



*sticky post!

Salam Guys.

Buat kawan - kawan yang suka share resepi dan kongsi resepi,kemudian dalam masa yang sama boleh jana pendapatan atau ganjaran..  mari sertai:

 Let's Masak 

(sebuah website komunniti yang unik, dimana kawan - kawan boleh tulis dan paparkan resepi dan gambar masakan kawan - kawan setiap hari dengan mudahnya secara menarik dan teratur.

kawan - kawan boleh juga cari dan tengok resepi kawan - kawan dengan mudahnya dalam Let's Masak ni. Selagimana kawan - kawan ada 'internet' la.

Kini, kawan - kawan berpeluang untuk berkongsi dan menjadi inspirasi kepada yang lain melalui masakan dan resepi kawan - kawan dengan memaparkannya dalam Let's Masak

Selepas cuba memasak resepi kawan - kawan, orang lain boleh paparkan pula gambar masakan cubaan mereka dengan yang lain - lain boleh menerbitkan komen mereka.

Inilah yang  dikatakan unik  dan istimewa tentang Let's Masak sebagaimana unik dan istimewanya resepi yang kawan - kawan hasilkan. 

Let's Masak, bukan susah pun!!)

Macam mana nak sertainya?!

Senang je, klik banner kat bawah ni, daftar ..kemudian dan boleh tulis dan kongsi resepi kawan - kawan.

korang boleh la kongsi resepi korang baik western ke.. dessert ke, masakan melayu ke..
macam kami ni.. jual cake.. tapi kami tahu kalau nak order yang jauh - jauh tu.. kami kongsi je resepi kami dalam Let's Masak tu. Contohnya macam kat bawah ni :

atau resepi kami yang simple - simple ni macam kat bawah ni jugak :

korang boleh tengok progress korang kat dashboard Let's Masak korang tu....
Point tu korang boleh redeem as cash reward.

yang keduanya , 

bila progress korang dah smpai 50% (sekurang - kurangnya), korang boleh boleh sertai contest Let's Masak ni . ada untung nasib, korang boleh menang hadiah I Phone 6 Plus atau menang wang tunai untuk hadiah - hadiah lain.

Caranya pun mudah, Klik je Banner di bawah.

apalagi tunggu kawan - kawan mari sertainya!!
sertai Let's Masak dan jana pendapatan, kalau rajin sertainya Contestnya sekali.
sambil menyelam, minum air kate orang tua - tua.
untung sabut timbul,untung batu tenggelam.

"Contest ini dianjurkan oleh dan disokong bersama Kelab Komuniti Hai Blogger!". 

Mar 18, 2015

Resepi Pau Goreng Gebu Gebas..

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Salam Alaik
lama dah tak membebel sangat dalam blog ni kan
yelah blog masakan je
bukan best mana pun

hari ni nak kongsi resepi dari akak ipar kami


Bahan - bahan :

500gram tepung gandum
1/4 cawan gula
1/2 peket yis kering
1 sudu kecil baking powder
secubit garam
Sedikit air

Cara - cara
Campurkan semua bahan sampai sebati dan uli sampai tidak melekat
Biarkan naik sehingga kembang
Bolehlah digoreng mengikut suka dan sukatan

Selamat mencuba

Mar 11, 2015

How To Make Tart Shell (Basic Tart Shell)

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size 12 inch

1/2 cup butter or equal to 125 gram  butter (chilled and cubed)
1 1/2 cup flour  - 2 cup flour
a pinch salt
3 - 4 tablespoon water

Place flour and butter inside food processor.
Whisk until it become like breadcrumb
Add 1 tablespoon to mixture, and continuously adding  until it bind together (ball shape form)
Cover the mixture with plastic wrap and chill for about 30 minutes before it ready to used


Jan 7, 2015

Home Cook Is The Best!! Make Your Own Today!

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bolognese pasta
some minced meat
some canned tomato
some carrot
some cook pasta (al dente)
and some mixed herbs or spice

now it's done

simple ingredient
simply delicious


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